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MacBook for Audio Recording

Since May, MacBook has been one of Apple’s best-selling computers. Up until the Core 2 Duo upgrade of MacBook Pro’s, it matched its ‘pro’ bro in specs quite closely, with up to a 2.0 Ghz Core Duo CPU and 2 GB of RAM.

As many others, I saw the MacBook as a smarter option for the work I do, plus it would be far more powerful than my then current tower. I do quite a bit of audio and MIDI recording with Cubase outside of my full-time job here at a Mac reseller store, and got one of the 2.0 Ghz white Core Duo MacBooks as my main computer.

I found it quite suitable for audio work, except for a few quirks, which, depending on the audio work you do, will either not bother you, or drive you nuts.

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MacBook – 1 x SODIMM Benchmark

From what I see working at an Apple Reseller store here in Vancouver, MacBooks are currently the hottest selling computers by Apple. Despite the infamous random shutdown, despite the occasional overheating, and yellowing of the case, the sales are quite high.

Now, a lot of people don’t understand why you have to always have two identical RAM sticks in the MacBook. Especially those whiny PC users – they always want to buy one 1gb stick of RAM, and keep the other slot empty in case they want to upgrade later (pff). Well, I am a MacBook owner myself now, so I decided to find out what really happens if you just use one stick of RAM. (Spoiler: There are lots of explosions, naked girls, and Bill Gates jokes involved, so read on).

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Junomania: How to Fix Your Juno 106

I’ve finally got around fixing my Juno. She really did deserve it, as it turned out. I’m going to, in an accessable manner and without snobby comments (I’ve tried my best), explain the common voice chip problem of the Juno, how to recognize and fix it, as well as learn to do it all without burning the house down.

UPDATE: For a short list of symptoms, check out the update post.

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Firebox on Dual-Core Intel, Windows

Finally got my 2.0 Ghz Macbook, and one of the first things I did is install Windows on it. It is pretty stupid, but I need Cubase, and SX3 via Rosetta just won’t cut it.

After installing the drivers for my Firebox, I started noticing constant clicks and dropouts in audio, in both Cubase and iTunes. The problem clearly affected all audio playback, but it was however absent when playing through the onboard audio chip, so it became pretty apparent that there was an issue with the Firebox.

Here is how to fix it.

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The Mbox 2 and Pro Tools LE Tale

Lately, the market has been flooded with affordable audio and video products for amateurs and professionals alike. The much increased variaty in the choice of such solutions has created a problem of choosing the appropriate product, as there are so many things to consider.

After slightly over half a decade of composing, and doing some film and audio work in the past 2 years, I have decided that I need to gradually build up the hardware to move up from my current level quality- and possibility-wise.

Pro Tools was something I started considering due to the availability of Digidesign software and hardware at relatively reasonable prices. Or so I thought.

UPDATE: For those reading and thinking Pro Tools ruined my life and ate my dog… Uuhh.. Yeah.. Ever heard of a literary device called hyperbole? It is quite often used in various pieces of writing. Such as tales, for instance.
Pro Tools really did suck though.
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