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Juno 106: Chip Replacements + Symptoms

Great news everyone – D’Naab 136, the guy who designed the replacement for the Juno 106 chips, has just let me know he released a version two of his creation, which is smaller, better, and helps to keep your dog happy. Or your snake. And it’s still 40 euros. Awesome!

I bought a bunch of original chips off eBay last year, and one of them already died, plus there is one more that’s getting really noisy. Learn from my stupidity, and get the replacement chips.

Now, I’ve received quite a few comments to my original post with people asking how to fix their Juno. Most of those had to do with the same old VCF/VCA chips dying. I have put together a list of possible symptoms of a dead chip.

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Junomania: How to Fix Your Juno 106

I’ve finally got around fixing my Juno. She really did deserve it, as it turned out. I’m going to, in an accessable manner and without snobby comments (I’ve tried my best), explain the common voice chip problem of the Juno, how to recognize and fix it, as well as learn to do it all without burning the house down.

UPDATE: For a short list of symptoms, check out the update post.

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